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by CPC on 10/31/11

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Comments (29)

1. Maureen & Scott said on 12/28/11 - 10:32AM
We felt so blessed to have found Joe. The first thing he asked was if we were ok. We could not believe the compassion and care he gave us and took with our little girl Lilly. Our beloved girl passed on x-mas morning and we did not know what to do so we wrapped her in our comforter to keep her safe. I found this web site in the wee hours of the morning and told my husband this is the place I wanted to call. He called and Joe came out, hugged me and promised to take care of her. That evening, Joe personally came out and brought our Lilly home. Our hearts are empty but have the satisfaction our girl was well taken care of. When he brought her home Joe told us what a beautiful girl she was. Thank you Joe
2. Sabrina and Jackie said on 2/16/12 - 02:16PM
We just wanted to say Thank You to Joe! Joe you were great to deal with and actually showed concern for the loss of our cat, Trouble. Our entire process was a smooth one thanks to you, and knowing that Trouble was in good hands made us feel that much better. I recommend Halo for paws to anyone who has lost a member of their family as we did. Joe understands because also suffered the loss of a pet. And thank you for the advice in regards to our dog and training! The collar worked!
3. Eric from Schaumburg said on 3/4/12 - 03:51PM
Joe,I can't begin to thank you for the incredible service you provided me upon the death of my beloved cat Smokey. After you calling several of your competitors, Chicagoland Pet Cremation that could offer me the service I was looking for at an affordable price. Thank you again for being so accommodating during this extremely difficult period of my life.
4. Brian said on 3/31/12 - 05:26PM
I want to say a big THANKS to both Joe and his staff. They are the best. I had to put my dog (Nakita) of 15 years down this past Friday and spoke with Joe late in the evening on Thursday night to get information about cremation. He didn't speak to me like just a customer he spoke to me as a fiend and actually cared. When I took her there on Friday the staff was great and they made sure all my needs were taken care of. So again THANK you for caring for me and my beloved dog. You guys are just wonderful to work with.
5. Ewelina J said on 4/15/12 - 08:45AM
Out of my despair Joe and his Chicagoland Pet Cremation ended up being a blessing to me. My kitty passed away at the end of March of 2012 and since that was my first pet, I took it very hard. Joe was the first person to send his deepest condolences and promised that my kitty’s remains would be handled with the most respect and I would get back his ashes not anything else. During filling out the paperwork, Joe showed in action and words his care and sympathy towards my kitty’s and my circumstances. A couple of days later I came down with terrible flu and Joe was so gracious to deliver my kitty’s ashes for no additional charge. My kitty came in a small sealed box with a certificate and information pamphlet on support groups specializing in helping pet owners go through grieving process. Even though, my kitty’s lifeless body had a number 054 assigned to him, I know that he was not treated like another statistic. Joe opened his business based on his personal very disappointing experience he endured at one of the local crematories with his beloved dog Body. As animal lover, his business motto is to have his customers a very positive experience and he goes above and beyond so his customers do not experience anything near he endured when his dog Body had to be cremated. I can guarantee that Joe and Chicago Pet Cremation “walks the talk”. I would like to thank Joe for having courage to open his crematory and provide exceptional service to Chicagoland community. I hope that his competitive price structure and business motto wins all his competition. He really deserves a huge success. Thank you very much for everything.
6. Ewelina J said on 4/15/12 - 09:00AM
Please go to to read my 5 star message. I couldn't leave a long comment here. The message allows writing only 1000 characters. I would like to thank Joe for exceptional work and services that him and his business provides at affordable prices. He goes above and beyond to service Chicagoland community. Joe and Brian, thank you so very much for all you did for my kitty and me.
7. Patrice W said on 4/18/12 - 02:32PM
Our lovely companion Gabrielle died at home last Saturday evening. We wanted to make sure her remains were compassionately disposed of and search the web which lead us to Joe and the Chicagoland Pet Cremation. Not only was Joe willing to come pick up Gabrielle on a Sunday, he was very gentle and kind in assuring us that she would be cared for with respect right to the end. In talking with him I had no doubt that would be true. Anyone who can, should use this service - your vet outsources this service which mean you are not guaranteed to have the level of attention and care that Joe and Chicagoland Pet Cremation offer if you leave this last step of your pet's time on this earth to someone else's choice.
8. Kim C. said on 8/28/12 - 08:37PM
Many people are turned off when they heard that my pet was an iguana. Over the years we heard many jokes and understood and laughed. But to us Leslie was like our cat or dog because I am severely allergic to fur. He grew from a tiny little guy who lived in a 10 gallon aquarium to a 5 foot "beast" as I lovingly called him who lived in a custom made cage by family. After my husband and I got home from a short 4 day weekend away we found him on the floor in his room (that he graduated to when our son moved out) and he was gone. I wrapped him in a beautiful blue towel for the night as it was late. The next morning I went on the internet and found Joe and Chicagoland Pet Cremation. He was so compassionate on the phone, first thing he asked was how I was doing, if I was ok. After talking to him I knew this was where I wanted to bring Leslie. From the first phone call to when Leslie was brought home to us we received caring service. Joe was fantastic, he listened to us talk about Leslie, and commented on his coloring...he had lost some of his beautiful green-blue but Joe could see it and commented on how beautiful he was. I know Leslie was taken good care of through the whole process. I will definately reccomend Joe to all of my friends with pets who may want cremation as an option. Thank you Joe! Kim, Ryan and Elliot
9. Kim C said on 8/28/12 - 08:50PM
Our precious Leslie, a green iguana passed away. We did not know what to do. I looked on the internet and found Chicagoland Pet Cremation and called. I spoke with Joe and knew that was where I wanted to go, he was so caring, he asked how I was doing, if I was ok. Through the whole process Joe was amazing, very comapasionate! I will definately reccomend Joe to all my friends with pets. Thank you Joe
10. Desiree K. said on 10/8/12 - 07:57PM
I lost my dog who I rescued off the streets after 11+ years. I feel very blessed that she was able to pass away at home instead of a vet's office. I called two other services on Sunday afternoon and got answering services who told me someone would call me back. They never did. I turned to Yelp as I usually do for anything and everything else I need in my life and found Chicagoland Pet Cremation and Joe. From the minute I talked to him on the phone I knew he was the right person to help me. Just over the phone he was caring and understanding. As others have said, he went above and beyond coming by personally at 8:30 pm since none of his staff were available.His dogs were with him in the car and it soothes my soul that my beloved Prima is getting her last ride in a car with two dogs and a caring human as company. I know he will treat her with dignity and respect. It takes a special person to do what he does and I appreciate him and his company for it.
11. Renata K said on 10/21/12 - 04:14PM
During this difficult time, Joe was both compassionate and understanding, even though we has been back and forth down this road for months. Each time I thought that my 14 yr old diabetic black Lab Cole was suffering, I would call Joe, make arrangements and then cancel. Cole was given two weeks back in January after being diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and the planning began then but for seem reason he held on and fought to the very end. Joe was patient and understanding each time and when the time finally came to let my boy go, Joe was there to help. He treated my Cole with both dignity and respect and me with kindness and compassion. There is never an easy way to say good bye to your best friend but knowing that there is someone like Joe, willing to go that extra mile to help you, helps to ease the pain. Thank you for everything!
12. Katy K. said on 12/20/12 - 08:13AM
When I lost my 19-year old cat to cancer, I searched a few cremation services when I found Joe's site. I called, and he was very comforting and even asked if I had someone to be with me. He promptly picked my Shadow up from the vet's office, and hand delivered her ashes to me two days later. I felt very comfortable putting her in his hands, because I know he treated her with the respect and dignity everyone's pets deserve. Thank you, Joe, for your compassion and good service.
13. Suzy Miller said on 1/2/13 - 03:41PM
This is *the only* way to go if you love your pet. Joe was extremely professional and respectful through the entire process, and gave us excellent service. My beloved dog Matti meant the world to us, and I was so relieved to be able to pick up her ashes and memorial on the same day. I have heard from others that the vet takes weeks to return ashes of a pet who has passed. Joe's office was clean and comforting, and allowed us the closure that we needed. He even let me pet his Doberman for comfort while my mom arranged the paperwork. An all around comforting experience for us. I cannot recommend it enough
14. Deb and Family said on 1/5/13 - 07:39AM
We want to thank Joe from the bottom of our hearts for taking such good care of our beloved Reggie. Reggie died at home, and on New Years Eve, I called some other places first that I did not feel comfotable with. When I got ahold of Chicagoland Pet Cremations, I first spoke with Joe's wife. The first thing she said to me is, Are you and the family okay? Joe called back shortly after that and asked the same thing. I was amazed when we brought Reggie to the crematory office. Joe sat with us for about an hour and talked. He showed us the facility and it was immaculate. I believe that Joe is a Godsend to the people he works with and the animals he cares for. He made this experience a blessing for my children and me. Thank you Joe
15. Anita S said on 3/3/13 - 09:10AM
In June of last year we lost our loving Clyde after 12 years. After a horrible experience on the phone that morning with another cremation service, we were blessed to find Joe. His compassion and humanity that day and when he returned Clyde's ashes made a horrible experience more bearable. My mother's dog just passed and we are once again thankful for Joe's compassion and care. We recommend him to all we know because he cares for both you and your pet. Bless you Joe!!!
16. Diana said on 6/4/13 - 10:19AM
My elderly parents lost their "baby" Paco after 13 loving years. I made arrangements for them and I am so grateful that I found Joe. He showed such care and compassion and treated us and Paco with respect. He showed sincere kindness. I can't thank him enough for all that he did. His presentation of the urn and the ink and clay paw prints were exceptional. Joe is such a caring person and it shows in the service he provides. THANK YOU again Joe and God bless you.
17. Cory & Nathan said on 6/8/13 - 06:55AM
Over Memorial Day weekend my husband and I had to make the difficult decision to let my cat of 19 years, Cinders, go to the rainbow bridge. Joe was so kind and compassionate for our situation, as he has been in our shoes. He took my call after 8:00 pm on Friday and told me that if at any time--even 3:00 in the morning--I had a question, that I could call him and he would answer. When we brought Cinders to him the next evening (a Saturday at 5:00 pm) he was so kind, patient, and understanding as I struggled to leave my Big Guy behind. He assured us that Cinders would be cared for with the utmost respect and dignity; just as he would treat his own pet. His office is warm and welcoming, and though he keeps the crematory open for inspection, my excellent experience with Joe up until that point proved to me that Cinders was in the best possible hands. Joe was not planning to cremate until Tuesday (because of Memorial Day) but when he realized that me and my husband's work schedules would not permit a pickup until late evening or weekend, he decided then that he would cremate on Memorial Day so that we would be reunited with Cinders as soon as possible. When many people are kicking off summer with parties and BBQs, Joe was working hard for people he hardly knew. Joe-there needs to be more people in the world with a heart as large as yours. We cannot thank you enough.
18. Cory & Nathan said on 6/8/13 - 07:33AM
Over Memorial Day weekend my husband and I had to make the difficult decision to let my cat of 19 years, Cinders, go. Joe took my call after 8 pm on Friday. He asked if I was okay and told me that if at any time--even 3:00 am--I had a question that I could call him. When we brought Cinders to him the next evening (Saturday at 5 pm) he was so kind, patient, and understanding as I struggled to leave my Big Guy behind. His office is warm and welcoming, and though he keeps the crematory open for inspection, my excellent experience with Joe up to that point proved to me that Cinders was in the best care. Joe was planning to cremate on Tuesday but when he realized that our work schedules would not permit us to pickup until late evening or next weekend, he decided then that he would cremate on Memorial Day so that we could be reunited with Cinders sooner. When many people are having parties and BBQs, Joe was working hard for a couple people he hardly knew. We cannot thank him enough.
19. Adrienne said on 6/28/13 - 10:33PM
Joe, I can't thank you enough for your kindness and compassion when I had to put Shintu down. You made a terrible heartbreak easier to bear. Your concern for my well being and how I was doing was so very touching. I thank you for that. My vet was also impressed with you when you went to pick her up.The respect and dignity you gave her was amazing! I will recommend you to all family and friends with beloved pets. Thank again so much Joe! I love the urn and engraved tag! God Bless You!
20. Patti & Elvis said on 10/7/13 - 10:32AM
After speaking with numerous services, I decided that Joe was the right choice to take care of my beloved dog of 16 years years, Elvis. Caring, kind, and generous, Joe made certain that my dog was handled with care and respect. Knowing that your loved one is safe in the arms of a compassionate pet lover is priceless. I am grateful to Joe for making a very sorrowful and difficult time a little easier, and for the personal attention he provided.
21. Helena said on 12/8/13 - 05:25PM
Our beloved Mafaldo passed away this morning. It was sudden and unexpected. We moved to IL recently and did not where to go or whom to contact, after a couple of phone calls to Vets and a help line I found Joe. Our conversation was very soothing and the entire process was handled with care and respect. He drove in the snow to come pick our Faldo and treated him with care. Thank you Joe for helping us and our Mafaldo.
22. Tom and Jane said on 1/12/14 - 06:07PM
Our dog passed at 3 AM Friday January 10th . It was important to us that her remains be treated respectfully. After speaking to a number of places we selected Halo4Paws and are glad we did. We called Joe at noon the same day, made an appointment for 3:30 PM and by 6PM the process was complete . Joe not only handled our dog with the greatest respect he also showed great empathy and concern for my wife and I. At some point all pet owners go thru this, we strongly recommend Halo4paws and thank Joe for the professional and empathetic way he handled us. He also included a very kind and sensitive letter to us.
23. Melissa B. said on 2/20/14 - 01:25PM
I could not ask for a more compassionate, kind, gentle person to take care of my sweet Sara than Joe. I went in months before her passing to meet him, take a tour of the facilities, and talk about their services. I walked in to meet a stranger and by the time I handed my girl's body over to him five months later, I felt like I was leaving her with a trusted friend. I couldn't imagine her going anywhere else. He also made an urn for her that is just as crucial to my healing and the ashes are. It's just beautiful. I would highly, highly recommend Chicagoland Pet Cremation.
24. Judith McVittie said on 3/19/14 - 02:03PM
Losing a pet is hell and sadly many vets and animal disposal services take full advantage. But this business and its owner Joe, were great. Very compassionate, respectful, reasonable charges. A classy place.
25. Bob M. said on 9/22/14 - 06:49PM
Rocky, my standard poodle was euthanized this evening after 3 months of battling cancer. I made contact with Joe last week when I became aware that the sharp decline in my dog's health would have this inevitable result. Joe met me at his facility 45 minutes after my dog took his last breath. As painful as the situation was, I was fortunate to have a vet who actually cared about my dog, and someone equally caring like Joe to help with the emotionally difficult task of the disposal of his body.
26. Jose Martinez/Linda Kappertz said on 11/17/14 - 09:00PM
We want to Thank Joe for all his help with our beloved cat Patches, Joe was so wonderful, he picked our baby up, and took care of everything. He put everything we wanted on the Urn, it has Patches picture, name, date of birth and passing,her paw print and a beautiful scripture my daughter wrote with all our names on it. He also gave us a little of her hair and the clay with her paw print on it for us to keep, he thought of everything. Joe you went above and beyond and for that we cannot thank you enough. I recommend you to everyone who needs help with the loss of their pet. God Bless You Joe your and Angel.
27. Rev.Dave Lindley said on 10/11/15 - 05:48AM
I wouldn't think of calling anyone else after finding Joe and CPC. Thei level of of care and compassion for our fur babies shows in all aspects of their business. I have sent my loved pets and always recommend to my neighbors and friends. Joe does this for all the right reasons.
28. Adrienne Gridelli said on 11/10/15 - 11:15PM
I just wanted to thank Joe again for his care,compassion and respect when he took care of my dog Cody who was 20 years old. He took the time to ask how I was doing and was so caring! This is the second time I have called Joe who showed the same compassion and thoughtfulness that he did two years ago! Just knowing that my dog was taken care of with such respect meant so much to me. I would recommend Joe and Chicagoland Pet Cremation to anyone who loves their pet.
29. David Q said on 1/22/16 - 09:56AM
The loss of my beloved 12 year old German Shepard was expected but still very sad when i woke up and found her. I did a search for the necessary services and saw that Joe had such great reviews. When i called him he was very nice and sympathetic to my pain and he took care of my dog Samantha within a few hours for me. He is such a nice guy and was a pleasure to deal with in such a difficult time. He made me feel as if i was his only customer he has ever had with his caring personality and really great service. I would give him the highest rating possible. I feel very greatful to have found him. He made this very hard time as comfortable as i could have ever hoped for at this sad time. Thank you so much Joe!

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