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The death of a companion pet is a heart breaking event in life. Chicagoland Pet Cremation and its employees are committed to an ethical, compassionate and respectful service in all areas of our business. It's a true privilege to experience the love and loyalty that our  pets give us each and every day, no matter our circumstance. If you need pet cremation services or other personalized pet memorial services, you've come to the right place.

Chicagoland Pet Cremation appreciates the opportunity to honor the life of your pet. We are here when you need us.
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After 15 years, we said goodbye to our dogs, George & Willy. They were brother and sister. We wanted the best for them, always. They had never been apart. After their passing, I brought them to CPC, where both the dogs and I were treated with kindness, concern, and respect. Thank you so much for your compassion during a very emotionally difficult time. The next day, Joe brought 
 them back home, where they can stay forever in a beautifully done wooden box. Words cannot describe the sadness or the appreciation I have for your services. 
I hope this review helps you, as it seems the best way to express my gratitude. Thank you.

Chris L
(11:51AM on 12/5/11)
2/28/2012 Posted on

 I called around trying to make arrangements for our 20 year old feline friend. From the initial contact with Joe I felt comfort. He was professional, accommodating and genuine. He provided us with all of the infomation and time we needed to make informed decisions. Our family chose to bring Missy in and wait for her ashes. The place is clean and comfortable. Pricing was competitive. Really appreciated no attempt to take advantage of our grief. No upselling or sales attempts. As good as it could be.

Sheri M.
Morton Grove, IL
3/3/2012 Posted on 

Our dog Roscoe passed away on Monday. We called Chicagoland Pet Cremation on Tuesday at noon. By 2pm on Tuesday they were here to pick up our dog. They were very compassionate and understood how we felt at the passing of our dog. Their prices were very reasonable and they hand delivered Roscoe's ashes promptly. I would highly recommend Chicagoland Pet Cremation to anyone who needs their pet cremated.

Darlene R.
Chicago, IL
2/14/2012 Posted on
 So, I don't have a Facebook and never had a Myspace. Yelp is the only thing I've ever signed up for. It is because of this service AND kind hearted Joe that I finally decided to join… I lost my 12 yr old dog last month and I can't even begin to describe the kind, supportive and overall amazing service Joe provided. I have told all my friends and family about this service and hope everyone who loses a beloved pet calls Joe. I can assure you he'll take GOOD care of you and your pet…

Monsie J
Chicago, IL
On 11/24/2011 my cat of 16yrs Keiko passed away. This was a big shock to my 
 family since he was in good health. I did not want to go through a vet for his 
cremation. Waiting 7 to 14 days to get him back was not exceptable for me. In 
my mind Keiko has never been away from home. I then saw chicagoland pet 
cremation in the Internet. I called Joe the next day talked to him to get some 
 information and took Keiko. He took the time to see what we wanted for Keiko 
and to make sure we were ok. He then told me he could have him home that same 
day. That made my family and myself feel relief that he would not be away from 
 home for long. That might sound funny to some but important to me. Joe hand 
delivered him to me that evening. Joe was a great help and sensitive to our 
emotions. Thank-you Joe for your help in my family's time of need. Thank-you 
for running a respectful business. 

Ann A. ( 22:03PM on 11/26/11)
3/3/2012 ​Posted on YELP.COM

The death of a family pet can be as painful and stressful as any other loss. But when the death comes unexpectedly, it's even harder to handle.

For me, I was comforted to know that my 14 year old Pomeranian, Carmen, died painlessly of natural causes in my arms. But it was sudden. I needed not only the compassion and sympathy from my loved ones, I needed immediate help to find a final resting place for my deceased pet. That's where Chicagoland Pet Cremation (CPC) was able to assist.

Since I was inconsolable, I put my trust in my best friend to make the arrangements for the cremation of Carmen. He chose CPC, and I'm glad he did. Despite it being 10:00PM on a Sunday, CPC drove nearly an hour to my house to pick up her body. They were understanding, patient, and compassionate.

My friend also did a great job of picking out a granite urn with an engraving of a photo of Carmen. It's a perfect, lasting, final memory of the best dog I've ever known. When Joe, the owner of CPC, personally dropped of the urn just two days following Carmen's death, his professionalism and respectfulness were second to none.

I highly recommend Joe and CPC's services to anyone with an aging family pet.

Jason C.
Chicago, IL
12/25/2011 Posted on
 I drove an hour to bring my guinea pig's remains out to Chicagoland Pet Cremation from the city, and it was definitely well worth the time to have a such a positive, sensitive, and respectful experience... plus Joe opened the place up for us ON CHRISTMAS DAY. Joe showed us more sensitivity and sympathy for our pet loss than I've experienced from some people (including doctors, social workers) during times of human loss. I would recommend this place to anybody within a 2 hour radius. Thank you Joe!!

Emily C.
Chicago, IL
Thank you to Chicagoland Pet Cremation, for taking care of my beautiful Husky (Aragon). When he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in October of this year, I was caught off guard and unprepared. Your staff and facility handled my situation with such grace and respect, that I was grateful for your services. I felt such comfort knowing my pet was in great hands and your respect for the owners and concern for their grief was amazing and admirable. My pet's ashes were hand delivered and I didn't have to worry about anything or leave my home.
Thank you to the Owner & staff for running such a respectful service.
Laura Orozco (16:27PM on 11/18/11)

Pet Cremation

Since 2011, Halo 4 Paws has been meeting the needs of families throughout the greater Chicago land area and northwestern Indiana for dignified and compassionate pet cremation services. Our entire staff is fully aware of the extraordinary impact a beloved pet has on the lives of the family with which it has lived. Halo 4 Paws understands the impact of the loss of that special member of the family. It is because of our wish to honor and memorialize these pets that we created Halo 4 Paws.

Whenever a family is looking for the best choice of dog cremation services, Halo 4 Paws is here to help and answer any questions you may have regarding our hospice care, dog euthanasia, and pet cremation services. Our at-home pet hospice care is less traumatic for both you and your pet. Our goal is to provide the most reverential dog euthanasia service for your loved pet. Meeting your needs and those of your treasured canine family member in a unique, appropriate and affordable manner is a service we are proud to offer our clients.

When you reach out to Halo 4 Paws, we will ensure that you and your pet receive the dignity and respect to which you are entitled. To learn more about Halo 4 Paws pet cremation and dog euthanasia, please call us at: (847) 773-7297.

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